Friday, December 24, 2010

Almost finished

Sorry to my LJ friends.So much to do that I cross posted.
Jas has wanted a wooden chest for several years.I couldn't afford one.Last week? I think, I found one for 8 dollars at our thrift shop.It had tempura paint poured on top,tacky to the touch.Parts of wall paper stuck to the inside and the latch broke.Looked like it had been beaten and left outside.After murphy's oil soap,a wire brush,2 types of sand paper,bruce wax stain for the top and a new latch I'm almost finished.I'm excited and worried.She knows that I've been working on something in a big wooden box that's been draped in my room.It's gotten to where the waiting is killing her and she loves it.She says it could even just be a box and she will happily take pictures of herself peeking out of it.So, yay.
I'm making Cin an N7 pin.I hope it comes out ok,too.
Cin and I are making Paul a storm trooper mask out of milk jugs.Here is where we got the directions
And I want to make my mom some slippers to go with her pedi kit.All may not get done but I will be happy with what does.
Have a Holly Jolly Y'all

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