Friday, February 4, 2011

Family updates and is back!

Cin's flu is turning into nasal infestion just like it always does.I'm going to have to pay another payment when I take her in on Monday.The bird brain doc didn't remember seeing her(she is the ONLY doc Cin has seen there over the last year and a half) and wanted to wait to see if the dizziness,vomiting and no equalibrium would right itself.Of course none of that happened and the mucus has started.Sorry TMI.Little irritated at this doc.
Good news.Mom's cararac is gone from her left eye.Doc said it was the first time he ever had to use the little break up tool on it's highest setting.The catarac was that old and hard.Eye drops are still being done by me and she can seeeeeeeeeeee.Now for the right eye in a couple of weeks.This is so exciting.
More good news.I love this site
They let anyone try digital designing scrap booking kits.I'm not confident when it comes to making elements(I LOATH photo shop).I enjoy taking the colors they give us(we all vote on) and making a few pretty pages.They host a blog roll with a list of the blogs who have offered our work for free.You get all sorts of talent levels and you can offer your own if you want.The thing is you get a variety of digital kits for free.
  The last two administrators who took over are no longer doing it.They had great ideas to get the site grooving again.Sadly one of them passed away and they other just couldn't do it with out the other.My heart is saddened by this.
The new administrator is full of energy and wants to bring the site back to where it was a few years ago.Giving away great kits,encouraging people to design or create(You can also do quick pages) and brining this great community back together.Not sure if this Jan/Feb collab kit will be out.Gonna try.But the March/April will be ready.We need people to come by and give us a look.Register and help us breath life back into this site.If you want to just get a few free kits you need not register.But we've got some great people and would like to add more.I've slacked on it.Now I would like to get back in the saddle again.Join me won't you?
Here's a page I did for a pack of pages in July 2010.Simple. I repeated an image down one side and now I can use it for a fourth of July pick or just something exciting