Monday, August 24, 2015

My Health

I'm getting Remacaid (yes, I always spell it wrong) every four weeks. It's working great. My biggest problem right now is the delay of my Pentasa,also an immune suppressant. I forgot how well the two work together. Lately I've had to deal with chronic fatigue syndrome. Resting I can do. I am grateful that my pain tolerance is so high. With out the Pentasa my intestines swell and it's painful.
There are people all over who die from Crohn's disease every day. I am alive, have a supportive family and a pretty good life. I try to remember that when things get difficult.

YES you can create a stamp !

I have to share this again. One of the easiest stamp making tutorials
Poor Rover got neutered at the beginning of the month. He has forgiven me. It's the only alteration he has. I love him.