Saturday, October 16, 2010

two tomb stones

  I started with a cold(tee hee),two pizza boxes,two strings,2 Maxwell house coffee cans full of water and two Dog food bags turned wrong side out.
  I opened the box.Tied the string on one side of the box lid,pulled the string through the handle of the can and tied it onto the other side of the box lid.The box should be open with the can on the lower portion of the box.Turn the food bag inside out.Pull over the top of the box(the lid).Make sure you pull it all the way down over the can.Tah Dah.You got a tomb stone.If you want to decorate it, have at it.
  I got this idea cause I'm lazy.I saw the bags were made of recycled plastic and thought I could make a water proof club house for my little one.Haven't done that one,yet.But I did need a couple more tombstones.Yeah,that's how my brain works.What D'ya think?

Only one small thing accomplished

The only thing I finished today was respraying varnish on my little tombstone.I partially set up the Halloween Village.
I have a head cold.That is all.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

raw 101+ vegan+sushi=YUM
I have a friend on another blog that I love for her crafts and hand made ideas(crock pot candles is a favorite).Today she wrote about how she makes vegan sushi.The more I read the better I understood raw diets.It wasn't a lesson on being vegan or raw or what not.It's how easy it is to make this yummy sushi and just so happens to be raw veges and such.Ok wanted to share.Now I am going to go back and drool some more.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hurry, you Only have until the 15th

Wanna win some cute things?Well duh!Everyone does.Go here
I'm so excited

The Life of The Farmer's Wife: One of a kind!

This woman makes me believe in the beauty of life The Life of The Farmer's Wife: One of a kind!: "I have had the privileged of making a one-of-a-kind really cool shirt, for a really cool lady! She is a breast cancer survivor who had her r..."

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Medieval Day

We went to the Medieval Festival of Courage in Blue Lake today.I didn't get into garb.I split mine between my two oldest daughters.They looked great.It was a very small quaint fair.There was a jousting troup.They did javelyn throws and Lance breaking.Both on horse back.There was a boffer pit(Duck tape swords and clubs used to beat each other up).Nice booths for selling items.I haven't been to a Faire in about 17 years.I'm use to big ones.This one was more of a few hours worth of entertainment.It was nice in the best of terms.I got to meet two of Paul's friends.They are neat people.