Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good news,Bad news

Good: Middle daughter is going to Sakura Con.A convention for Japanophiles.Manga,anime,japanese pop,anything Kawaii.
Bad news:Her boss had a beef with an inspecter that got his business shut down until it's taken care of.Hence no money to pay Cin for her pay check.
I am SOOOOO angry right now.She has been saving her money for this and for her Mass effect/Dragon Age games.Now we(her parents,grandma) are scrambling trying to get the rest for her.It just makes me really upset that her boss has let this get in the way of her doing what she has worked hard for.She's fifteen,working at a pizza place by herself and doing a really good job.And this is how she is rewarded?
Normally I try to think all will balance out.I don't throw anything out,so, we are going to go do some recycling to get her a little more money tomorrow.This was supose to be stress free and fun for her.
This will work out.I know it will,like it always does.It's just so frustrating not to beable to make it ok for my girl.Tomorrow is another day.If Scarlet can persevere than so can we!
Thanks for listening y'all.Venting is healthy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

wordsinsync's Monday Madness


I have suffered on and off with depression.Sometimes I need to take prozac for a couple of months to get back on my even keel. I am writing about this for two reasons.One~Wordsinsync's blogging challenge.Two~I don't think I've shared this with y'all.When I first got sick with crohns disaese I became very depressed.It took away everything that I wanted to do.It took the Dr three years to first get it under control.It being the immense pain.Then I had to have three feet of my intestines taken out.I got better for about a whole year.But even during that time I had very dark days.I have had to deal since I was 18.I'm 41 almost 42.You do the math.If it hadn't been for me putting down my pride and saying I need help I may have hurt myself or some one else.I use it in conjuction to living a life based on the 12 steps.For way more than any substance I needed a way to learn to live with who I am.I am glad to be who I am today.And this makes me happy.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Masquerade Digi Kit by This Be Me Scraps at MooTwoDesigns

Looky what I got.!.!.! Masquerade at MooTwoDesigns

I know it's a lot of pics but I LOVE THIS KIT!!!!!!