Saturday, December 11, 2010

I can make a trasy wreath,too

I got inspired by Wiccan Make Some Too by her trashy wreath here:
card board,grocery bags and a pen to punch the holes.Only I used a plastic hanger in the back to attach the santa to.It's a speaking santa.Ho Ho Ho and all that.I linked up for her saturdays and I may link up more


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Recycled to Christmas count down tree

My little tape holder and taper and I made an Advent,Christmas,holiday count down tree.Just think candy everyday 'til Christmas.Toilet paper rolls,gift wrap,tape,glue gun,plastic bags, tissue paper(gift kind:} NOT from the rolls) and CANDY.Did I mention the candy?I linked it a day late here:


 You wrap the rolls.Tape is for the wrapping.Hot glue them in a tree shape.Wrap the candy in baggies or just the tissue paper(I did both).We use a decorated chop stick to push the treat out the back.I have 3 kids so, three little treats in each tube.You could use toys or anything that your kids like(candy).You can also add ribbon around it.My wrapping had a wax like coating which made me have to reglue a few places.Also, pick it up from the bottom.I pulled the first two layers off trying to pick it up from the top.DOH! Happy Holidays y'all~Anne