Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jossverse related

I love most things done by Joss Weadon.I just saw White Noise 2 with Nathan Fillian staring in it.He plays capt. Mal in the Serenity series.Who ever wrote that movie knows the Jossverse.Cause they had another character refer to Nathan as Capt. Tight Pants.A nick name for his role in Serenity.I thoought it was so funny.And it was a good movie.Not gory,really.But the mystery of it and how it played out was really good.I reccomend it.Night all.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bummer post

If a good mom's day is sitting around all day watching tv then ok.I did get this wonderful lady bug that my 7 yr old made for me.
Yesterday my middle girlie turned 16.We gave her a party at laser tag.It was nice.But DH lost the money earlier this week.So,no prezzies.Cake,pizza and 2 games was fun.I just wanted to do more.He needs a darn money clip.
I'm just cranky today.
I really wish all the care giving women out there a wonderful day and pleasant night.