Saturday, September 25, 2010

My version of Ghost Ring yard decor is were I got the idea from.
But of course I have to do my own take on it.We haven't been to the recycling center in a while.So, I have A LOT! of 1 gallon milk jugs.Fill jugs with water.Put lid back on jug.This is just a mock up.1 Sheet newspaper;rolled in a ball.glued to the top of container.A grocery bag with a cut next to the handles.You can then use the handles as the arms.Place bag over paper and jug.Glue bag on jug were ever you feel will work best.Tie the handles from one jug to the other.Arrange in a circle.Cover with a cloth.Glue or safety pin onto plastic bag.Add hats or other decor to make you happy.
Wish me well

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