Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm complaining about being well?

 I know.I was sick for years and years.The last 7 months I have been off immune supressers .No infusions,no pills except for pain med(way low dose) and Calcium with D.My problem? I don't know what to do with myself.I have been sick on and off since I was 18.Pretty steady for the last 5 years.I am now 40.Cleaning up the house is a slow process.I am so use to having to stay in bed most of the day that I sometimes don't know when to start on the bathroom or living room.I use to be a maid.I know, hard to believe.

So, I'm learning I can do laundry everyday instead of all at once when I feel able to.I can clean the bathroom in parts instead of all at once.The vacumming is really my down fall.But I am learning.Always with that fear that my Crohns will flare up again.
I will continue to learn and my poor family will learn to deal with my frustration and give me some HELP.
So, yeah.How you doin"?

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