Monday, June 6, 2011

Where have I been?

Chronic Fatigue and depression have been bigger than a shadow lately.SSI(suplemental) have been messed up towards my mom.Her and my pops have been seperated for about 7 years.When she moved with us she informed them.When they did phone interviews she told them.But now that pops is getting his VA they want to say that he is suporting my mommy and he lives with her.Yeah we are going through the paper process AGAIN!

After almost 22 yrs hubby and I really have been trying to redefine our relationship.I have been the sick one at home who takes care of the kids.While he has been the one to work hard then be able to go hang with friends.We aren't a 1950's couple.I don't wear pearls around the house.And I've been pretty healthy considering the disease I have for over a year now.Paths aren't always paved smooth.Frelling cobble stones.
My oldest.Um,God love her.She's 18.'nuff said.Oh, and she's like 'nuff said.
Pushing through the smog that comes with the depression is something I just HAVE to do.It's the only way that I can get to my happy medium.
Things will turn out the way they're supose to be.As long as I do the foot work it always goes how it should.Whether I know what is the correct thing or not.If I keep doing what I need to it does work out.
Blessings All.

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