Sunday, July 17, 2011


Sorry friends for not posting very much.The land lord who owned this place was forclosed on.The bank took over and needless to say we are not happy with each other.They want us out.We are working on it.
Send good vibes my way for a house we are putting in for tomorrow.Can keep E in her same school.
  Good news-hubby took the girls(2 oldest) and I to see midnight Harry Potter!Then he took me out to bingo last night.
 Bad news-car shut off on the freeway.Probly needs a new alternater.Good thing I won $60 last night.
Worrying about finding a new place,the car and money does me no good.Thank god I am on my prozac right now or pain might be being dispersed every time some one talks to me.
And about Harry Potter.I was one of the ones who always believed in Snape.Had the book mark and told everyone I did.Even though he only did it for the love of another and not for Harry, he still did it.

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