Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Rental?

We find out if we get the rental tomorrow.It's so hard with what PPM/Consolidated Rental did to our credit.Let me sum up: When they raised our rent to 1300 for a 3 bdrm we decided to move.When we did they decided to charge us for things that they aren't allowed to.After 4 years they can't charge for normal wear and tear.They charged for steam cleaning the steps in front of the apt,rug replacement,painting of the apt and removal of items that belonged to the owner.We lived there for 7 years.Sent us one letter.Since we didn't respond they sent it straight to credit report.No court.So, now we have retained a lawyer who is going to help us.BUT it will take a year to get the $5000 off our credit.We need to be out of here by the end of Sept.Land owner lost the house to the bank.
So, there it is.
Other than that, E had a good back to school night.Paul came and met her teacher.Cin likes her IS and Jas has spent a week or so with us.
I have to go see my gastroenterologist. My dr thinks I may have another blockage that may need surgery.YUCKY! Oh well.
My mom had to go to ER.Got rehydrated,no COPD complications, and is doing good.This makes me extremely happy.
I have good things in my life.I have good feelings.I just forget to remember what is good in my life.
Thanks for letting me rant.Have a good day, y'all.

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