Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our Early Turkey Day

 My Turkey was moist and yummy.My family was together.Paul made the stuffing/dressing with MaryAnn's directing him.Jas made the gravy from the drippings,also with directions from Nana.It was nice to be all together.
 We did it buffet style.Ate in the living room together while a ball game was on.E learned that being together,Not the day you clebrate on, is the meaning of why we are thankful.And I was able to teach her that.Cin and Jas already know this.MaryAnn spent the night.Cin slept in the living room with her.She loves Nana so much.E made Nana a going away card.
  In preparation for the meal: Paul and I hung the huge rug on the line.He was a really big help.I beat the tar{dog hair,dust and what not} out of it for an hour and still didn't get all the hair out.Had to take it down by myself and get it up into the house with out getting any mess on it.Did I mention that is is really heavy? ;}
Vaccumed the house,put the rug down and vaccumed again.Looks pretty good.
Walked to store to get bread and stuff{dollar store,yay!}.Went with Paul to get turky and fixings.Waited for MaryAnn to be here.All then felt right.And I was thankful.
  MaryAnn and mommy were discussing what I wanted for Christmas.Mom and I had been talking about getting a quesenart{?}.MaryAnn offered me the one that I have been coveting of her's.Mom said she would get me a crock pot.MaryAnn already has one picked out for me.So, Mommy is getting me this buffet style cabinet.It was used for holding up a fish tank.The dimensions are perfect for my dining room and I will finally have a place to put our village up.I normally sit back and don't ask for gifts.This year they thought of me.This makes me smile.
E has been sick the last couple of days.Paul and my mom,too.
  Dr. K wants me to see my gastroenterologist so that I can get back on Remacaid.I see him in January.Until then I'm taking the meds as ordered.My dear friend who passed last week always reminded me not to self medicate.Always check with the Dr first.Loraina was a beautiful soul that now has joy instead of pain and the need to fight.I do miss her physical presence.
 Jas wants to pay off our library debt so we can check out books again.I'm gonna see if she wants to take the bus with me.She has a phobia about the bus and riding with strangers.I have to metaphoriclly hold her hand.It's good, though.
        May this week be filled with joy for y'all.
Happy Holidays from our rainy part of California

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