Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back I am

Well, It has been awhile.I wanted to do the ADSDesigners blog train but didn't get it done in time.But my rent is paid up.I've been planting some plants(courtesy of my 6 yr old from school) and We have one half of that darn jungle of a yard tamed.
I've made a beautiful Apple bread and Apple pie.I love to bake but hate to cook.
I've been fighting my NON-domestic goddess.Trying to keep the house up.You would think with me having been a maid it would be easy.Yuck.
I've put up my 6 yr old's bunk bed.Now when Jas comes to stay she will be on the top bunk.
Cin is coming back from staying at the ranch.It's only been about 2 or 3 weeks.Mass Effect and Dragon Age have probably been calling her name.
I found this awesome tutoral for a furoshiki.It is a reversable patchwork wrap for a bento or for what ever you want to use it for.

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