Sunday, August 15, 2010

She Stayed

Cin stayed all summer at the ranch.Should be coming home sometime this week.The girls talked her into staying.She has even layed out in a bikini.Will be happy to see her.I miss Jas all the time.But that's because I'm a mom.
Tomorrow E and I are going to make some play dough.She needs something to do.She misses painting.I need to get some more.I also want to make her a play mat.Shower liner with a town drawn on it that she can color and play with her toys on.
Talked to my baby sis today.Doing well.She talkes to mom on my phone about 3-4 times a week.Mom is doing good.Finally got her benadryl. Paul has kind of a hectic week.The fair has started and the carnies have been in town for over 2 weeks.Carnies aren't bad they just get bored.
Anyways,me tired.Night night

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