Monday, October 11, 2010

Hurry, you Only have until the 15th

Wanna win some cute things?Well duh!Everyone does.Go here
I'm so excited


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the giveaways and thanks for visiting me over at Pittypat Paperie and leaving the sweet comment Ÿ

  2. Hi "mousee",

    I was just visiting Kristy Taylor's wonderful blog to look for the newest scary stories and couldn't believe my eyes: You liked my story? Wow, thanks a lot! What you perhaps don't know - the described characters in my little story are "true". As I can't do scary I thought it would be at least a nice idea to invent something around the little miracle bat Kristy made for me. If you're interested, visit my blog and in some older posts you can see Igor, Nevermore and the beary witch Magica de Spell. And now I'm gonna become your follower Nr. 5. Have fun in blogland!

    Birgit from Germany